The New Normal

The “New Normal” a phrase we are seeing more and more and as this weekend sees the return of our quad bike and buggy tours after four months of not trading, well this is the new normal for us.

The past few weeks have been all about putting the processes in place, purchasing the equipment and materials needed for a safe return, and thoroughly testing every step of that process.

It's going to be different, not all of our activities will resume at this stage, and I would like to take a little of your time to explain how things will work during your visit, to keep you and our staff safe.

Booking your tour.

Online booking, everything you need to place a booking will be our online service, if you have questions about your trip, we will be able to answer email and phone calls and even email out a booking form, which will need to be completed prior to arrival.

A link is provided to our “Duty of Care” form, this will layout the process and also acts at the document we need to keep for “Track & Trace”

A deposit will be taken at the time of booking and the balance will be automatically processed on the morning of your tour, prior to your arrival.

Arriving at the venue

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your trip time, with the new cleaning processes we do not have the flexibility to hold or delay tours and we may have to start without you, and you will still be charged.

When you arrive, please wait in your vehicle, we will come out to you, check names to confirm they match with forms you provided and ask about your health and contact with potential COVID 19.

You will follow us to the bothy, where we will direct parking and talk you through the one-way system for kitting up prior to the tour.

Helmets, gloves, and boots will be laid out and all treated with anti-viral spray prior to your arrival, hand sanitiser will available before you enter and throughout, what is now an open-ended shelter, we will not be using our bothy or enclosed spaces.

Toilet facilities are still available, again hand sanitiser is available before you enter and at the handwash.

We ask all guests to bring their own waterproofs as we can no longer provide, as it has not been possible to find a timely and cost-effective method of cleaning.

Waterproof suits can be purchased at £6 per set, which will be yours to keep after the tour.

Please can all guests bring a face covering, these are not required for the tour itself, but if a member of staff needs to assist with you or the bike, both parties will be required to wear face coverings for that short period.

Quad Bike & Buggy Tour

The tour itself will be pretty much the same award-winning trip we have always delivered; the safety briefing will take into account social distancing, the bikes & buggies will have been thoroughly cleaned prior to your tour, and distancing on the tours will be enforced as are all trips.

We will stop throughout the tour for pictures, chat, etc, we will take pictures on our own devices, shared via social media, we can no longer use your phone to take pictures of you and your group.

Trips will run strictly to time; we have restricted the number of tours we now offer to allow a full hour between each tour for cleaning.

We have signs that help remind you of the process as you arrive, and in reality, the process is seamless and take no more time than before, it's just different and hopefully make you feel safe and protected from possible infection throughout your time with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, we cannot wait to welcome you all back and start running our award-winning tours again.

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