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Covid 19 

Current Procedures and Restrictions to Tours 

As the lockdown starts to ease and we start to see a path back to some form of normal business activity, we have looked at all of the tours and activities we offer and drawn up a detailed risk assessment with procedures we need to put in place to keep both staff and our visitors safe.

Below is a list of each activity and the measures we have put in place or in some cases will temporarily suspend as we navigate our way to a safe return to full cover.


We will only resume tours and encourage travel once the Scottish Government has said it is safe to do so, and we urge all customers to check the rules in Scotland as they may differ from the rest of the UK, also that there is accommodation for you, as not all accommodation providers will be allowed to return to the business at the same time and there may be restrictions.


Quad Biking:

Is there a better way to experience the incredible landscape we operate in and the sheer thrill of covering miles of the open countryside than on your own bike as part of a group or with friends and family, we have always endorsed spacing and riding in a safe manner and that will remain largely unchanged. We will be restricting the size of groups we take out and have introduced a number of measures to help with social distancing and cross-contamination on equipment.

Our meet and greet will be slightly different with pre-payment and online signing of our duty of care information sheets before you arrive for your tour, we will come out to your vehicle and further information will be provided with your booking confirmation.

We have bought a completely new style of the crash helmet; it is designed primarily for the ATV industry and can be fully sterilised between use and we have sufficient numbers to allow for this. The bike and all equipment will also be cleaned before each trip and extra time will be allowed to ensure this is carried out between trips.

We will no longer be able to provide gloves and waterproofs as we do not have the facilities to sterilise in a timely manner. We have new suits priced at £8 to purchase as part of the booking process and handed out when you arrive.

We will still be able to stop throughout the tours for a photograph and general information about the estate with social distancing observed throughout, we will take pictures using our own phones and cameras and provide copies through social media, etc, as we will no longer be able to use your phone to do so.

Toilet facilities will have additional handwash facilities with hand cleaning dispensers and paper towels.

Buggy Tours:

The buggy tours will continue as they are only sold to the same family/friendship groups, the above change to protocols apply and allowances for additional cleaning time between tours.


4x4 Tours:

With current restrictions, we will not be able to reintroduce our 4x4 Land Rover based tours, but the buggy tours will be a great alternative. Even with appropriate PPE Land Rover tours require a set number of people to make it cost-effective, we may consider private Land Rover tours for couples, but PPE will need to be worn at all times, all windows will remain open (despite the weather or midges!)  and certain restrictions may apply and certain criteria met before we consider resumption of these tours.


4x4 Driving Experiences:

We are currently looking into the possibility of running 4x4 experiences and will update when we have more information.


4x4 Guided Tours:

We are in discussion with the Landowners and partner estates to gauge opinion as to when these may resume, we have to travel to small outlying communities with limited medical provision and we have to be respectful of their views and fears. That said the vast majority of our travel is on private land and has little or no impact or contact with anyone outside of our group.

We are looking at resuming camping based tours as soon as restrictions are lifted and sufficient number are achieved to make it financially viable, we will be working on plans to limit the amount of contact with the local communities as in shopping and fuel stops and we would expect all group members to exercise social distancing measures at overnight camp stops.


First Aid Provision:

All outdoor activity involves risk and although we have a superb record for running safe yet challenging tours, first aid provision has to be part of our risk assessment and the safety of customers and staff. We will only be able to carry limited PPE and more invasive procedures such as CPR, close contact, will not be an option, a form of self-help, applying dressings, or from a family member with guidance from or guides, this will be introduced following guidance from professional sources.

We may be obliged to ask about current symptoms and medical history if we consider it appropriate to safeguard against the Corona Virus and protect all involved, which will always be our first priority.


Target Sports:

Clay pigeon shooting, archery and axe throwing by its very nature require close control and handling techniques, as things stand we will not be able to sterilise the equipment between each user and our staff and think that this poses an elevated risk for all involved, we will continue to seek professional guidance and update as and when this changes, but for now we will not be offering any target sports until that changes.